Welcome to the Registration Page of IDS.

To make your selection what to apply for, a brief description of each membership is listed below:

Member Body (MB)

National Government recognised bodies that have the same mission objectives as the IDS. This means you have an organisation under which authority either IDS Sport Competitions / IDS DSSL Events are run or the organisation has the intention to start doing either one of this.

Member Candidates (MC)

National bodies that have the same mission objectives as the IDS but are lacking the recognition of the national Government. They embody the same activities and intentions as a Member Body.

Advanced Training Academy (ATA)

A Dance-Studio or Dance Club that is active in one of the dance forms that IDS has to offer. They adhere to the minimum requirements of an ATA, have athletes performing in these dance forms or are intending to do so. They are also active or want to become active in DSSL as an external instrument for Educational Schools to enhance the dancing of their students.

Educational School (ES)

Educational Schools (primary and/or secondary) that are active in IDS-DSSL or want to become active in IDS-DSSL.

Professional Member (PM)

Natural persons who may or may not be actively involved in dancesport, but have the same mission objectives as the IDS. Not actively involved in this sentence means active as an athlete. It means that you are a coach, trainer, adjudicator, scrutineer or maybe a DJ , MC or a steward.

Associated Member (AM)

Promotors and/or Organisers, not being MB or MC, of competitions, tournaments and/or qualifications that have mission objectives that are in line with the IDS.

Member Athlete (MA)

Natural persons actively performing any dance form, that IDS has to offer, within a Member Body or an Education School.