Due to the impact the Corona (Covid-19) virus has on our society IDS decided to cancel their events until further notice. Every individual country is fighting Corona in their own way, with the best intentions to be able to manage the crisis. Some countries have banned any form of social gathering, others are still allowing this for the time being.

IDS advices to stop social gathering.

The effects of the Corona Virus may not be a great hazard to our athletes, coaches and IDS staff, but we may be infected and transfer the virus to people who are in the "danger zone". We have to make sure we will bring no harm to the ones that are affected most by this virus !

Stay home and only go out for the real necessities.

Our events schedule will be adjusted on a frequent base. Please check this before proceeding to any of the events published. For detailed information refer to the Member Bodies website.

In the mean time, stay fit and train yourself at home.
Stay healthy and lets hope this virus will be conquered soon.

JP Kistemaker


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