The dancesport school league

IDS offers the DSSL to all schools in any country.
We know that dance will help our youth, who may not wish to participate or feature in the more traditional school sports, to shine and build their self-esteem but now their is an alternative. We know that in many countries that more young people dancing than carrying out traditional sports, for example in the United Kingdom a study was performed and it showed more girls aged 11 to 15 dance than any other sport.

By becoming part of the IDS DSSL Program, schools around the globe will be creating a healthy lifestyle for those children who don’t fit the normal sport type. This will help build their self-esteem by making them feel part of the “sporting crowd”.
This sport is not only for the wealthy and the fit – but for all shapes and sizes – both male and female, but most importantly dance cuts across class and race – it is uniting and bonding. You can be part of this and make it happen, want to know more click here


With fixtures within districts, leading to province/county/regional, national and international events this platform provides recognition for all who wish to participate. This amazing concept originated from a few passionate individuals and now run under IDS has expanded and been revised for the global market. You can read all about the origins and its creators on the dancesport school league official website click here

European DSSL Championships

Your country IDS DSSL member body will qualifier dancers to represent your school, and your country at the IDS DSSL European Championships

World DSSL Championships

After qualification in your country you will be part of your DSSL national team and represent your country at the IDS DSSL World Championships.

DSSL Dance Styles

Currently the DSSL offers HipHop / Streetdance Styles and has syllabus in HipHop, House, Breakin, Locking, and others are being added over the coming year. In addition these are all broken down into modules and so each year more progression can be made. Already DSSL have staff working on future expansion to include other dance styles into the DSSL program such as Contemporary for example.

From DSSL original conception that was merged with IDS and is now an IDS product it has transformed, with newly revised training documents, revised rules, new syllabus with additional street styles.